The Heart


by Fethullah Gulen
Love is like Solomon,
Borne aloft on the heart, its throne.

The heart is humanity's most essential feature and its greatest treasure. It is the expression of our spiritual existence, the source of our feelings and beliefs, and the pathway to our soul's ultimate depths. Those who walk on the path of the heart will not experience any darkness, and those who soar on the wings of their hearts will surmount any obstacle. Human virtues are cultivated on the hillsides of the heart; faith, love, and spiritual pleasures are the fruits of its more.  

Mixed Greens of Hope


by Katharine Branning

Walking into a regular salad bar for lunch, one anticipates nothing more than a short and simple exchange of civilities and of course a mixed salad. But there are instances where the wisdom one may receive from the man behind the counter has more variety than the salad.

Busy New Yorkers generally eat lunch at their desks. This is New York, after all, the city where "time is money" and lunch minutes are counted. This meal can be a quick coffee and a sandwich on the go or perhaps a bowl of warm soup. To cater to this eating tradition, there are countless "delis" all over the city... read more

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